Hackers Post FBI Heads Private Data


US security agencies were exploring after Russian Hackers Post FBI Heads Private Data and numerous superstars on the web.   Hackers utilizing a Russian network address produced the credit reports and government disability numbers for Obama, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller, US Attorney General Eric Holder, and Los Angeles Police Chief Charles Beck. They moreover posted government

Dubai Police Arrested Gang For Hacking Exchange Companies

cyber gang arrested for making bogus doctors architects

Dubai Police arrested gang for cyber crime case, The gang who transferred Dh 7 Million from exchange companies in Dubai. acting chief of Dubai Police said on Sunday as per gulf news. This gang were tracked after several days of Dubai police’s smart investigation. This effort to catch the hackers is really appreciated by the rest of the

Hacker Gets Reward For Reporting Facebook Vulnerability

Facebook Bug Bounty Program 3

A Pakistani Former Black Hat – Haider Qureshi, gets reward of 500$  from Facebook under Bug Bounty Program for reporting HTML Injection on Facebook. Beneath are the parts of Bug furnish by the Researcher to The Hackers Post. [#] -Vulnerability Title: HTML Injection [#] -Vendor homepage: http://m.facebook.com [#] -Remote/Local: Remote [#] -Tested on: Windows 7 64 bit

Cyber Attacks Against Israel Starting on 7th April #OpIsrael

anonymous opisrael

Various hackers joined hand together to launch a massive Cyber Attacks Against Israel with the aim to erase it from the world wide web. This operation is initiated by Hacker team AnonGhost. This will be launched on 7th April. They quoted on twitter about it:- he hacking teams have decided to unite against Israel as one entity and that

Zionist Federation of New Zealand Hacked by Moroccan Ghosts

Zionist Federation of New Zealand hacked

Zionist Federation of New Zealand Hacked by a group known as Moroccan Ghosts. They defaced the official website www.zfnz.org.nz. Reasons Behind Defacement There were two main reasons listed behind the defacement of Zionist federation website. Against the killing of Arafat Jaradat who was prisoner of Palestine. He died of extreme torture in an Israeli prison. Against the Zionist’s terrorism and